Ask Jr

Hi John,

Thank you for all of your hard work and great research, you are certainly helping golfers and teachers everywhere!

Quick question: As far as tempo for short game it is my understanding that you have found a 2-1 ratio in putting, chipping, pitching and bunkers.

Is this correct?  At what point to you see the ratios go to 3-1 like the full swing?  

Thank you for your time, Paul

Hey Paul,

Thanks for the kind words and the question. The standard rule is when the lead arm goes past parallel you then go to 3:1.  However, if you’re hitting a “dead” hands type of shot with a wedge and you take a fuller swing, you might still try the 2:1 tempo.  This also works with shots into the wind as well where you are not trying to create max. speed thru the hitting area. Usually we use the 3:1 for full swings and/or the intent of a full swing with power. Let me know if that answers your question. 

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