Weekend Tempos

Here are some Tempos from the Bob Hope Classic this weekend:

Let’s start with Friday:

Fred Couples:

24/7  for 2 drives.  Still so smooth after all these years

Pat Perez:

16/8  flip wedge from 25 yds on 5th hole.  Knocked within 2 feet

Vaughan Taylor:

28/10  approach shot on the 16th 

Steve Stricker:

23/8  approach on the 16th

Saturday’s Tempos:

Michael Bolton (not to be confused with the guy from Office Space):

22/7  on the green 8 feet from the pin

Alice Cooper:

23/10  hooked it in the creek on the 17th hole 144 yds

Kurt Russell:

24/8  driver down the middle of the fairway

Oliver Hudson:

22/9  Over the top

John O’Hurley (J Peterman):

23/9  4ft from the pin on par 3

Steve Stricker:

19/10 using the Y drill flop shot in heavy rough (see my earlier post on the flop shot made easy)

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