Phil’s Tempo From Phoenix

As Phil Mickelson walked off the 18th  green on Thursday after posting a 76, the announcer said, “I’m pretty sure he will write this one off as ‘one of those days.’ “

On the 6th, he drove the ball 21/8 into the fairway bunker.  He followed with a 16/8 chip shot about 7 feet from the pin.

The 8th hole 22/8 drove into the bunker.

On number 10, he hit a drive that was 22/8 into the bunker.  He hit it 18/9 on to the green.

On short puts he was 15/8, 15/9, and 15/8.

On 17, he hooked the ball 22/8.

He then shot a 73 on Friday to miss the cut.

Phil’s tempo times, although not that much off the model, were not reflexive.  He had a one frame push at the top.  This push is what John Garrity calls a “dawdle” at the top – it is not reflexive.  This caused him to spray most of his tee shots.

If you saw Cameron Beckman in the 3rd round, on the first hole, second shot he was 23/8 with no “dawdle” at the top and knocked it 2 inches from the pin.

As for Phil’s 22/8, with the pros, Tour Tempo allows for a 1 frame error on the take back or the downswing but not on both.

We would suggest that Phil work with the Tour Tempo tones and when he hears that second tone to react and immediately start back on the downswing. 

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