The PGA Show in Orlando

Link: The PGA Show in Orlando

I just returned from the PGA Show in Orlando where I had the opportunity to meet PGA Tour Player Garrett Willis.  Garrett is a great guy and believe it or not, he’s just like you and me: he wants more distance!  So, we immediately hit it off and I took Garrett thru some of our protocols and he picked up 4-5 mph in less than 15 minutes.  The first drill we did was the 1 arm drill. 

We found his left arm only was weaker than his right.  So, I showed him a couple of keys to improve his left arm swing speed and they worked.  (shameless plug: these are the types of keys I give out at our golf schools).  Then we took a look at his right arm only and worked on that.  Finally, we did the sequence drill aka the step drill to create more power.  We wrapped it up with Tour Tempo on full swings with the Speedball and the Long tail on the Power Module.  He finished strong and saw a nice 4-5 mph increase.  He was using the 21/7 tones and responding very well.  

I spoke with Garrett yesterday and he told me he had a chance to hit balls with the tones and they really helped.  He is a feel player and does not like to beat a lot of balls.  So, he took the Tour Tempo Micro Player out on the course and that’s how he practices with it.  He is playing on the Nationwide Tour this week and then competes on the PGA tour next week at Pebble Beach in the AT&T.   I’ll have more from Garrett and his training later this month.


Here is a picture of TPI’s head athletic trainer Lance Gill taking me thru a hip exercise.  We did a test on my hips and found my left hip to somewhat restricted when rotating internally and this really helped…

…me feel the internal and external rotation of the hip.  I hit balls later that day and I definitely felt more stable in the left hip and as a result I hit the ball very solidly.  I’ll be discussing the exercise in upcoming blogs plus giving you some simple tips on how to set up at address to maximize the way you use your hips in the golf swing.

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