Johan Hampf part 2

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JR.: How do you think that mindset differs from golfers from the US? 

JH: Probably that Americans are taught from early age to speak and stand in front of people. There are little or no worries of this.     

Jr.:  What are some of PGA of Sweden’s goals for 09 and in the years to come? 

JH: We are doing a working on developing our training program. We are moving away from a “one method” style of teaching  and now moving into “there are many ways of swinging a golf club” philosophy.  Depending on the golfers physical, mental and motivational stages, together with knowledge on equipment, nutrition, new training aids and new pedagogical approach give the Professional a good platform to work from.

We are also opening our PGA Sweden National Golf Course, a 36 holes top class golf course designed by Kyle Phillips. (Jr’s note: this will open on a beautiful piece of property in Malmo and will probably be one of the top courses in all of Europe)  

Jr.:  What is one unique part of Swedish golf and golf courses? 

JH: Golf is relatively cheep in Sweden. You will find a very large variation in quality but most golf courses have very nice scenery and are pleasant to play. If you are planning a golfing trip this year, Sweden might be the perfect location.  

Jr.: What is the role of golf in Sweden?  for example is it more popular than soccer and/or hockey? 

JH: Golf is still suffering from a little “bad reputation” of being a rich man sport. But we have today around 550 thousand registered golfers out of a population of 9 millions. That makes golf the second largest sport in Sweden after soccer.  

Jr.:  How do you think Tour Tempo most helps the avg golfer?   

JH: I read the book Tour Tempo a couple of years ago and when I was offered the job as director of education of the Swedish PGA, it became a priority on my “to do” list to get you and your father to come over and present your concepts. We are very glad to have had you here and to keep close contact with you.

Tour Tempo approaches golf in a different way, and can be a very helpful aid for pros to teach golf. And for average golfers, when they have a good basic technique Tour Tempo will help them not only to get a great tempo in the swing but also take a way those thoughts that often pops up in your head swinging a golf club.    

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