Weekend Tempos – The Buick Invitational

Link: Weekend Tempos – The Buick Invitational

On Sunday at the Buick Invitational, the 18th hole determined the winner Nick Watney over Rollins and Villegas needed an eagle to tie.  Here is how they ended up.

Nick Watney’s drive was 27/8 down the middle of the fairway with an
approach shot of 23/8 that was right on the green.

John Rollins’ drive was 22/6 down the fairway with an approach of 19/7
that he pulled left into the greenside bunker and eventually lost with
an impossible up and down for an eagle attempt.  We would have liked
to have seen him swing with a 21/7 like he was all week long.
Unfortunately he got quick at the wrong time on his approach shot.

Camilo Villegas’ drive was also down the middle with a 28/9 and an
approach shot of 27/9 on the green and he had a putt with a 19/9 for
eagle that he missed by an inch.

Congrats to Nick Watney on a great victory and nice tempo.

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