Huey needs a new tempo!

Link: Huey needs a new tempo!

(author’s note: I’m not picking on these celebrities, golf is not their sport.  I’m just pointing out something simple that could transform their games.)

You’d think that a singer like Huey Lewis would have great tempo.  And I’m sure when it comes to music he’s got world class timing/rhythm.  

But…Golf is different.  

No matter what your background, golf needs work and Huey’s tempo of  37/10  is definitely holding him back.  

Think about that for a second.  Tiger Woods is 21/7, so at impact in 28 frames.  Huey is still “dawdling” around at the top and TW is already past impact!!  As a matter of fact, TW is nearly done with his swing and Huey is still up there.

When he takes the club that slowly, he intuitively feels he needs to create speed and he does it by throwing the club (cast) from the top, so, ironically, he’s slow at impact.  Low and slow will get you, well, low and slow.  

My RX: start swinging to 24/8 or faster and do the step drill to get more athletic and reflexive.  

I guarantee the results would be phenomenal, and it would happen immediately, as in right now.  That’s the amazing thing about Tour Tempo, you don’t have to get worse before you get better and you can get better right now!

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