What you can learn from the Home Run Derby

1. As the batter strides and plants the lead foot, he is still in his ‘backswing’.  As the lead foot gets fully planted, then you see the hips really start to go which starts the chain and the rest of the body follows.   You need to get that same feeling in your swing, especially if you already come over the top and/or cast and/or lack power.  I especially like David Ortiz’ leg kick, it’s almost like he can’t wait, so he starts it early.

2. Impact is everything.  If they hit it solid, they hit it out of the park.   If they mishit just a little bit or spin it too much, it’s an out.  Every swing is pretty much the same bat speed, which is plenty of speed to hit a home run.  The mistake I see them make is to try to hit it ‘extra’ far and then they mishit it.  I think all golfers do the same thing.  When you really need to hit it far, yes, you must swing with power, but you need to hit it in the sweet spot.  After doing extensive testing on the Flightscope, I don’t really see an amateurs ‘extra’ swing add that much speed, but it does make them miss the sweet spot.  Get your added swing speed thru your day to day training.  That’s what Padraig Harrington and the other pro’s do.  They train in many ways to increase speed, so they don’t have to try to ‘kill’ it.  (that’s why I love our brand new Power Tools training club that is soon to be released, it lets you easily train anywhere for more lever for more speed)

I promise important blogs are coming soon with shocking new data from the Flightscope, my SSC certification which also blows away many current ways of thinking about the swing, such as a braced lower body, and also my trip to the LD event in Falls City Nebraska, where I saw a young phenom hit a ball over 440 yards (I’ve got video)!!

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