Pressure? Not when you’ve got Tour Tempo!

Link: Pressure? Not when you’ve got Tour Tempo!

So Pat invites us to Whisper Rock the day after the VIP School.  As we walk in for breakfast, we can hear the murmurs.  One of the other members asked Pat how the school went and Pat informs him that he is now hitting a high draw, which raises some eyebrows because everyone knows Pat for his consistent very low fading ball flight.

So we eat this incredible breakfast (we honestly think it was the best breakfast of our lives, our kudos to the chef) in the main room with tv’s galore and tons of great guys at other tables.  As we get up to go to the range the cat calls start coming from all directions.  ”Have to see that to believe it!” “No stinkin way!” ”High Draw, my @**!”

So we get a quick tour of the facilities which again are amazing, and  then we head out to the range.

Pat hits about 4 wedges shots, and then, the rest of the guys who were in the dining room are already walking over to where we were warming up.  So, all of a sudden, the head teaching pro and the “head honcho” who runs the course, among others, are there waiting to see this impossible “high draw”. 

Pat takes out his driver without even warming up with it- and cool, calm and collected – on the first shot hits a great line drive with a nice draw on it!  It was Awesome!

He then went out and played and said he was anywhere from 20 yards farther than normal and even some holes up to 45 yards farther than where he usually is.

This is the stuff that Tour Tempo® is made of.  We feel so proud that students can come to our golf schools and the very next day have immediate results!  

Sr. Notes – Pat was having a problem holding greens because of his low ball flight, the ball would hit the green and then skid off.  On the course, his caddie, Rob remarked “I don’t know what you’ve done with Pat, but it’s pretty amazing!  I’ve never seen him hit the ball like this.” 

A national golf school was what originally started me on the path to Tour Tempo®.  I was actually to the point in my game where it was either get better or quit.  So, I went to a nationally known school in Orlando and came back to Kansas and played probably one of the worst rounds of my life – decided what they had shown me at the school wasn’t working and went back to my old game – where I could at least score and keep it on the planet.

So, we’re particularly proud when our premise is proven – that you don’t have to get worse before you get better.  You can get immediately better, and Pat wasn’t the only VIP participant that experienced this.

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