AMM 3D part I

Link: AMM 3D part I

Before we started the Tour Tempo VIP School, I had the chance to see Phil Cheetham at AMM3D.   Phil is the head golf biomechanist for TPI and founder of AMM3D.  Phil put me on his 12 sensor system and that creates a 3-D image of the golfer.  So that is very cool…but not as cool as the data that Phil derives from the sensors

He creates graphs of how fast your hips are moving and how much they thrust or sway and from this data you can start to see things that are tough to see on 2-D video.   (He also measures tempo) He does this for all your body parts and also can overlay the graphs and you can start to see patterns.  One of them is called the Kinematic Sequence.  It’s basically how you transfer energy during your swing.

In part II, we’ll take a look at the Kinematic Sequence and some of the other graphs and how they might help your swing and power. 

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