Kinematic Sequence Part II

The Kinematic Sequence shows how you transfer energy and power in the golf swing.  It is a graph composed of 4 elements and their rotational speeds: the pelvis, the thorax, the arms & the club.  The ideal way to build power in the golf swing is from the ground up.  I like to keep my golf swing simple and I like to keep it simple when I work with others, so if you are the type that “doesn’t need to know”, then you should stop reading now.  If you are the type that needs to know and can block out all mechanical thoughts when swinging (Tour Tempo tones are the best way to do that), then keep reading.
The most prominent issue I see with avg. golfers is the way they start the downswing.  The Kinematic Sequence of the best players in the world begins from the ground up to start the downswing.  In other words, as the best players start the transition on the downswing, they start with the lower body, then the thorax, arms, and finally the club.  The avg. golfer does just the opposite, they have a tendency to cast the club first, then the arms try to help then the shoulders and hips try to get in the act.  This sequence produces no power.  The easiest way to think about this is to use other sports, such as throwing.  You start with your lower, then up thru the sequence.  If you cast the club, you probably don’t have a good sequence to start the downswing.

I’m a bottom line kind of guy, so the bottom line is this: if you don’t have a good sequence to start the downswing, you should try my sequence drill aka step drill.  It’s similar to doing a Happy Gilmore, you just don’t have to be as coordinated.  Also, the Tour Tempo tones can help with your sequence as they make you more reactive.

If you are the type that really wants your Sequence done, you can come see me in the Kansas City area, or pay a visit to Phil Cheetham of AMM3D.

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