No Dawdle for Phil

In an earlier blog this year, I mentioned Phil Mickelson was “dawdling”(dangling the club at the top of his swing for an extra frame or 2) at the top of his swing and this was costing him accuracy, power, efficiency and tempo (not to mention serious cash).  In his win last week at the WGC CA Championship, he got rid of his dawdle  and was bombing the ball and (for Phil) hitting it very straight.
As he gets more athletic, more reactive at the transition of his backswing he’s going to hit it better, longer, & straighter.  With his ridiculous short game, I believe he could be a serious threat to challenge Tiger for the #1 ranking and win a couple majors this year.

You might notice that the last post about the Kinematic Sequence was about the transition.  This post is about the transition.  The transition is where the avg golfer loses it and the pro golfer gets it.   Get your transition right and you’ll start ‘getting’ the best shots of your life.  Tour Tempo helps make the transition dawdle-less, athletic, and with no thinking.

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