Lincicome just right, Freddie’s too quick

Link: Lincicome just right, Freddie’s too quick

Brittany Lincicome won her first major Sunday with an incredible hybrid shot from 210 yards.  Her tempo was 21/7 and she hit the shot of lifetime to make eagle on the 72nd hole.  For more:

Fred Couples was in contention to win the Houston Open and his full swing tempo looks good @ 23/8.  However, is putting stroke is 10/5 (we’ve never seen one that fast).  If I could help Freddie, it wouldn’t be with his full swing.  It would be with his stroke.  

He needs to lengthen that to 14/7 and also use the electric putter so he can learn not to ‘follow’ the putt with the putterhead.  If you were to put Tiger Woods’ stroke (arguably the greatest putter ever) next to Freddie’s, you’d see Freddie is at impact way too early, plus his putterhead goes way past his left foot.  

Tiger’s stroke takes longer and doesn’t ‘follow’ the ball.  It actually stops pretty much right after impact.  It almost looks like Freddie is going to double hit the ball, whereas Tiger stops the stroke.  The electric putter helps you get this feel and is a great combo with the Tour Tempo PUTT tones.

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