Motor Learning with Charles Barkley part I (your chance to win a free Tour Tempo Player)

I must admit I’m intrigued by the ‘Haney Project’, as it’s a true reality show and there’s no way to fake that swing.  However, I’m not a faithful watcher of the show and I only catch segments of the show here and there.  In a previous blog I commented on Charles hitting so many balls and I disagree with that.  I also stated it’s not really fair to criticize another teacher/student, but I’ve seen a little segment that I must comment on.
It’s when Hank is holding Charles’ head on the course to keep it from dipping.  It’s a funny segment, because Charles’ buddies point out how heavy that head is.  Ironically, the heavy head is the way to help Charles.  Let me explain.  As you know your body works on the SAID principle – Specific Adaptation to Increased Demand.

So, if your goal is a bigger bicep, you do a bicep curl, your body adapts to the resistance of the weight, your bicep gets stronger and a motor pattern is created to fold the arm.   Charles’ goal is to not dip the head.  So, Hank holds his head still for him.

This is NOT the way to fix this problem. The first reader to email me the correct way to do this (think in terms of SAID) will win a free Tour Tempo Player or Tour Tempo Tracks CD.  I’ll reveal the answer tomorrow……

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