I cannot recall ever writing a testimonial about anything. But here we go: I decided at age 63 years old to take up golf. My family and friends offered their advice that this was a fool’s errand, particularly those that played golf. As is my style, I charged ahead with the effort with reckless abandon starting in November of last year. After group lessons, ball banging on the driving range, and playing on courses the nature of the task became starkly clear: I might never get anywhere at this enterprise. Perhaps I was on a fool’s errand. 

In an act of desperation, I went for it and bought your book. The result: I just can’t tell you how great it has worked!!! It is totally amazing. 9 iron from 90 to a 125 yards, a 3 wood from 170 to 205. But the biggest surprise is the amazing consistent ball striking. I cannot even believe it but have gone from 20% well hit balls to 90%+. 

My God, your program is outstanding!! Can’t say enough about it to my fellow senior citizen novice golfers. 

-Bill Heath

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