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When I was in Sweden last year, I met a man named Kjell Enhager (pronounced Shell).  Kjell is the author of Quantum Golf (a good fun read) and one of the co-creators of Vision 54 with Pia Nilsson.  Kjell coached Bjorn Borg and Nick Faldo, Fortune 500 companies and the list goes on and on.  

He is quite a remarkable fellow and he deserves a week worth of blogs.  For now, I want you to check out his book (also available in English), Vision 54 and the book ‘Every Shot Must Have a Purpose’, which was written by Pia and also Lynn Marriott.

Of their many great concepts, they have one that goes particularly well with Tour Tempo.  They want you to spend more time thinking about the shot/club selection/lie etc… and then when you get over the ball less time.  (Obviously if you know exactly what you want to do with it, then grab your club and hit it)  

Just as most amateur golfers have too slow of tempo, they also spend too much time over the ball.  They do it backwards.  They grab their club and then as their standing over the ball, start to think of all the variables.  This is NOT the way to do it.  The Tour Tempo/Vision 54 way is to figure out what you’re going to do before you ever get to the ball.  Then, once you’re there, get up and hit it without much thinking or messing around.

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