Adding Distance Part 2

For distance I always start my students with… you guessed it the Speedball & Tour Tempo. We did the Y and L drills and then progressed to full swings with the Power Module. Mason’s main comment was, “wow, that is some serious resistance, I definitely feel I’m using some new muscles”. I always love to hear a student say that the drill/tones/swing feels different/new/powerful etc… Check out the difference between his follow thru with his iron and with the Speedball swing: Better Extension and more power  from the hips!

Here was his starting workout:

Speedball with Long Tail Power Module

3 Y drills

3 L drills

5 Full Swings (with Tour Tempo Tones)

2 1 arm swings with each arm

That is one superset, he does 2-3 supersets 2-3x per week.

As part of his workout, we also put Mason on the new Lagman with PowerWhip and a couple of other accessories that go with the PowerWhip.

He worked on this from Aug 1 to Oct. 1 and then came back to Lawrence as a new man.

Check the new ball launch #’s. It’s really not believable.




IMG_1279 IMG_1283


 Mason Iron before Mason Slomo driver Mason SpeedBall

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His carry distance improved 40 (yes four zero) yards! He’s now hitting 300 yards with roll. His CHS/BS are markedly increased, with BS going from 138 mph to 155 mph. His hang time, height and angle of descent were all improved as well. (as a side note, both times we were on the Flightscope there was a slight tailwind of 3-7 mph, so the wind was the same before/after) CHS and BS aren’t really affected by wind, so that is the number that Mason and I look at. Our goal was to get to those PGA tour minimums and now he is there!!

CHS – 102 Check, he’s 103-105

BS – 153 Check, he’s at 155

Carry – 254.5 Check, he’s 260+

What’s really cool for Mason is that he has perfect launch and spin and so he is maximizing his distance. Flightscope has a great trajectory optimizer that allows you to dial in your bs, launch angle, etc… Check it out at:

Mason’s only problem moving fwd is that he needs to re-train himself on where to aim off the tee and what clubs to use into the greens!!!![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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