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Improving your Geometry (with Training Aids / slight adjustments) for more distance!

Couple of General Tips to improve Geometry and increase your Distance! For our purposes, we have 5 keys to ‘ball launch 101’: Club Speed Ball Speed Smash Factor (Ball speed/CHS) Launch Angle Spin For the assumptions of this article, we are going to assume CHS is a constant.  Thus, we need to first look at […]

New USGA Rule on Training Aids/Lasers for 2016

The USGA rule 14-3 goes into effect in 2016. For the basics, check this short video: 2 Parts to the rule: 1. Less Penalty (2 strokes compared to DQ – but watch video for full details) 2. This mainly applies to lasers – you can now turn ‘off’ the non-conforming part of the unit…i.e. […]