BMW Championship Tempo’s

Tour Tempo Report from the BMW Championship:

Zach Johnson has the lightning fast tempo at 18/6.  That means his backswing took 18 frames and his downswing took 6 frames.  This is a 3:1 ratio and since there are 30 frames per second, he is very quick.
Nick Watney had a great final round and is working with new instructor Todd Anderson.  They might be working on tempo, because his old tempo was around 27/9 and now he is around 23/8.  27/9 is really slow for a PGA tour pro, so the new tempo might be the key to his better play.
Jim Furyk has a very unique swing but still fits the Tour Tempo model.  He really doesn’t have a ‘top of backswing’ but he takes 25 frames going back, then the club changes direction and he has 8 frames going down.
So, all 3 of theses top finishers have the 3:1 ratio on full swings, plus they swing fast.  The other tempo trait they possess is that they are consistent.  This is the main difference between a tour pro and an amateur golfer.
To get consistent tempo, you need to practice your tempo, the right tempo, TOUR TEMPO.  With the Tour Tempo apps you can groove your tempo and try to see if you swing super fast like Zach, or slower like JIm Furyk.  Once you find your Tour Tempo, you can practice it and get that consistency.  Available for iphone/ipad and android.  For more info, check

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