Bubba’s Master’s Tempo and Tiger has lost it (his transition)

It’s so cool to see Bubba win.  I don’t think he has ever taken a lesson, he’s such a natural swinger.   His normal tempo is 24/8.  I say normal, because he is so unique in the different shots he hits with different curvatures, trajectories, and distances.

Tiger is back to his club throwing ways.  I’ve always been a huge Tiger fan, but he has to cut the cussing and the club throwing, err kicking.  The big difference I’ve noticed with TW is that he doesn’t have any change of direction and the transition he does has is more of a head dip.  The lesson to be learned is that for most golfers it’s nice to have at least 1 frame at the top where the club becomes still.  It’s not a necessity, but if you have a violent swing (like Tiger), then you need that time in the transition.  It is NOT a pause.



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