If Butch Could Gain 20 Yards, Why Not You?

How Butch Gained 20 Yards on Day 1 of the Tour Tempo VIP School

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Gaining clubhead speed and distance is tricky but it’s not complicated, there are really just a few ways to gain speed and yardage. I talk about them all the time, there are 4 ways to do it:
  1. Improve Your Body
  2. Improve Your Mechanics
  3. Change the Paradigm/Feel of the Swing/Speed with RESISTANCE
  4. Improve Your Tempo

However, in order to gain 20 yards in 1 day, you can’t really improve your body (#1), that takes time, kind of like gaining muscle or losing fat. That leaves us 2-4 and #2 is hard to change in 1 day also, it takes time to make swing change. So, we are left with 3 and 4.

I should’ve listed #4 as #1, because the quickest, most efficient, best way to hit the ball farther is with the simplest change possible: Change Your Tempo. We’ve been doing tempo training for more than 10 years and I’ve personally seen hundreds of golfers immediately improve their swing and hit the ball farther by simply Changing Their Tempo. Specifically, they usually go from a slow elapsed time AND a bad ratio to a better elapsed time and the 3:1 ratio of Tour Tempo. When they do that, good things happen. That’s exactly what my latest student did, so read on to find out how Butch added 20 yards in 1 day.

Butch came to me in early August of 2016 with a couple of goals. He is now 70 years old (in great shape for a 70 year old), but he had lost distance. Does that sound familiar? The very first thing I do for our training session is get current tempo and then put the golfer on the flightscope radar to get CHS/BS and distance.

Here are Butch’s ‘BEFORE’ Numbers:

Tempo: 29/8. This is the classic move we see where the backswing is too slow and then the golfer has a tendency to rush from the top and get out of sequence.

Flightscope Numbers with Driver:

Carry 206

CHS 91

BS 130

I put him thru the tempo training and he had to work hard to speed up his backswing. We used both 24/8 AND 21/7 to change his perception of the backswing. The move back should be a SWING. It’s called a backSWING. Not a takeBACK. When you have the intention to SWING the club back, it’s usually more efficient, quicker and lines up with Tour Tempo.

When a golfer goes from 29/8 to 24/8, they usually pick up some speed, but we/he wanted more, so we went with CHS transformer #3 as our next step:

Change the FEEL/Paradigm (with resistance)

This change of the paradigm is also known as the Speedball with Power Module. Most golfers have a paradigm in their head of hitting the ball (usually AT the ball) with a club. Seems logical and intuitive, but it couldn’t be more WRONG (if you want to hit the ball farther anyway).

If you go to a PGA Tour event and watch the guys on the range, you see this great acceleration THRU the ball to a really solid finish. The paradigm is THRU the ball.

If you watch a world class karate champion make a punch thru a board, the paradigm is THRU. They develop this by punching thru multiple boards (heavy RESISTANCE). When you hit something that hits you back, your body braces itself and your core muscles fire in a completely different way than just ‘punching air’ (a practice swing).  The beauty of the speedball is that it gives you the resistance you need to fire those muscles. Furthermore, it allows you to get to a full finish and it’s safe on your joints.

The Speedball with Power Module changes the paradigm of the swing to THRU and it incorporates resistance. To get a great increase in speed, you just have to swing it and stick it and swing THRU to a finish.

Here is Butch’s workout:

5 Y Drills

5 L Drills (Y and L Drills to Short Game Tones)

5 RH Only

5 LH Only

5 Full Swings to Long Game Tones

That is one super set. I had him then go to the middle tail and then the long tail. So 3 total sets and then also using our driver length Speedball on the 2nd and 3rd sets for the full swings. You get a bit of a boost when you use the driver Speedball because it is lighter than a normal driver. So, you get the benefit of overspeed training coupled with resistance at impact. Butch was able to get a high speed of 112 mph with the driver (measured on an SSR). You might be thinking, “how the hell did he increase 21 mph?”… well, we need to compare apples to apples. The lighter driver gets you about 5 mph and the SSR measures approx. 5 mph faster than the FS. But still, PLUS 10 MPH is a HUGE INCREASE, and we did that in about 30 minutes!!

So, we went out and hit more balls after the Tempo/Speedball Workouts and his new average Flightscope Numbers were:


Carry 216

CHS 93

BS 134

I’m showing his best one of the bunch, a 19 yard increase in carry!

My note to him was, “we did this in just one day, think what you can do with a few weeks of work!” It will take work, this change we make is not permanent, if he wants to maintain this increase, he will need to put in the work:


3-4x per week

30 minutes per session

I’m guessing for most of you enthusiastic golfers out there, this won’t seem like work (only 30 min, 3x per week), but you do have to stick with it for quite some time to make it permanent.

Day 2

Day 2 was more of the same, but we noticed he was having trouble transferring the tempo to his driver on full swings. So, I reached into my bag of ‘Power’ tools and had him use the Power Tools training club. The specific drill we used was to have him swing it and make sure he could feel the hinge at the top before he started down.

This gave him time for the transition. He did that a few times and then hit some balls… the results were/are pretty awesome!

So, we finally put it all together and hit some drivers. The results were awesome! Drives that were carrying more than 225 yards, better tempo, and just an overall better move. I’ve put his before/after swings in a comparison video (using our Tour Tempo Frame Counter app) and you can see the results for yourself. The before swing is obviously on the left and the new and improved Butch is on the right:

If you have interest in making a transformation like Butch, start with our book and our apps for iPhone/Android, both named Tour Tempo. If those resonate with you, go to step 2 and get the training aids we used. If you want to ‘hack’ the whole process, contact us and set up your transformation today.[/fusion_text][fusion_separator style_type=”none” top_margin=”10px” bottom_margin=”10px” alignment=”center” /][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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