Butch’s Testimonial

I showed up with a slower tempo and club head speed than I’d even realized. Having had instruction from many well known teachers and schools in the past with only small, but brief improvement, I’m excited to have had such an immediate and positive response to your simple tempo based teaching method and helpful training aids.

After warming up the first day, you videoed and established my pre-training baseline tempo, swing speed and ball carry numbers before embarking on the actual training program. And here is the exciting part, remarkably, without mention of technique, methodology or club and body positioning, we accomplished so many things that I’ve tried to work on, unsuccessfully for so many years. You have help free my mind.

For instance, getting my shoulders on a more efficient path, allowed me to complete my backswing with a fully set and relaxed wrist hinge and a properly sequenced back and through swing. We did this with the use of the training aids and the ever present tempo tones. I believe my original tempo ratio was around 36/10, but at the end of training on day 2, I’d achieved a 24/8 with a club head speed and carry increases of 7 mph and 20 yards with my driver.

As we worked on increasing take away speed, I felt like Zorro with his sword, but what I found interesting was that I didn’t have time to have any swing thoughts other than to keep up with the beats. Also, when viewed on comparison videos of before and after, the back swing didn’t look as hectic as it had felt initially. In fact, it was balanced, in rhythm, and I completed my swing before I was about half way down with my original swing.

Throughout the training, the training aids helped provide the feels needed to supplant conscious swing mechanics, but your ability to stay on point, and only coordinate them as I was able to progress was most helpful.

Another positive I’ve taken away from our training was in the short game. Working with the beats and just staying in rhythm has also eliminated technical thoughts and replaced them with an uncomplicated and relaxed motion.

One last take away. Though I’d taken a countless number of swings with the training aids over the almost two days I was there, I don’t think I hit more than fifty balls total to warm up and complete the data testing in that time. But the results on day 2 were so much better than day 1, including ball flight and dispersion, and that’s encouraging because I can now do so much of this training at home and not beat myself up hitting balls all the time.

Finally John, you’re positive encouragement, professional and thorough teaching were outstanding and I’ll look forward to updating my progress with the customized training program you designed for me.

Thank you,