“If you’re not getting what you want… CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING”

January 1, 2018

Just listened to a phenomenal podcast:

It’s Adam Robinson being ‘interviewed’ by Tim Ferriss.

The quotes Adam lives by are solid gold and they are a perfect way for you (and me) to think about the new year. I’m going to dissect these and how they apply to golf and how to use them to turn this year (2018) into ‘a big deal’ (spoken with Gru accent).

His first quote is from Rudyard Kipling and it goes like this:

“If you don’t have what you want… you either: didn’t really want it or you tried to bargain over the price”

This quote is so true but not so much for golf, Because I know you:


B. YOU WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET IT (you won’t try to ‘bargain’)

Which leads Adam (brilliant mind), to add his corollary to the quote:

“If you’re not getting what you want… CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING”

Let me give you two examples of how this works.

When they interview Justin Thomas for what he will do for 2018, he (and most all pro’s that are having a great year) says, “I’m going to just keep doing what I’m doing”.  That makes sense, because he won a Major, the FedEx Cup, a jillion dollars, and I’m sure some other things as well. What he’s doing is, well, it’s working!!

Next example: Let’s say you’re a 15 handicap and your chs is 90 mph. You WANT to add 20 yards to your drives which will do all kinds of good things to your scores, but mainly it will make golf more FUN. Take it from me, it’s a thrill to let a drive UNLEASH. Anyway, I know you WANT IT and I know you are working your tail off to get it… but if you’re not getting that speed you want, then something is wrong. It’s not you, it’s the program. You need to:


Make 2018 the year YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT!

Here comes Shameless Plug: I just happen to have the program to help you GET WHAT YOU WANT. It’s the Tour Tempo VIP Golf Schools and brand new for 2018, we are launching the online version, check the video to find out more about our VIP Training Philosphy.


Golf Strong in 2018 !


PS. More shameless plugs, check out some of our products that will help you GET WHAT YOU WANT:

Clif’s notes to the products:

The SpeedBall gives you ‘Resistance for more Distance’ and you don’t have to change your swing.

The Power Tools Iron gives you lag and tempo.

The Power Whip creates lag and the feel of compression.

Tour Tempo literally pours the rhythm and timing of the tour pro’s right into your brain.


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