Creating Lag in the Golf Swing — Increase Speed, Power & Accuracy with the Tour Tempo Power Tools Training Club

Part 1: Lag

First key to learning to create lag in the golf swing: Awareness. The next step is to Create a new concept of the golf swing.

Let’s take look at both of those and how the Power Tools Delivers these critical keys to learning and improvement.

Most golfers are unaware (as they swing) that they are casting. They don’t have a feel of even what casting is. So, the very first step to learning is to feel exactly where you are now. The Power Tools club gives you great feedback in many different forms:

1. When you cast the club, you feel the ‘clubhead portion’ of the device get longer and make a vibration as it lengthens due to casting.

2. When you swing the club and the band is intact, the club feels lighter. So, as you cast and the club moves away, the club gets heavier.

3. There is an audio feedback as well. You can hear the hinge coming undone. Plus as a bonus when you cast you don’t hear a swish because of the rubber band, and when you create lag, there is a different sound thru the hitting area.

4. Differential Learning: As soon as you put the Power Tools club in someone’s hand, their brain instantly lights up and needs to figure out what the hell is going on. They have a heightened since of concentration (due to a major difference between this and a real club).

As you swing the PowerTools, you start to develop an awareness and feel during each swing of when the club releases. This is critical to start to learn and improve.

After you create that awareness, you are now ready for the next step to creating a powerful golf swing: Changing the Paradigm. Basically the idea is that you need to change your concept of the swing. For the casting golfer, the current concept is:

– to try to hit a golf ball with a club.
– to that, the golfer uses the right arm and hand to deliver power from the top of the swing.

This creates the cast. We have to change that Paradigm!

How do we do that?

We have to give the subconscious mind a new problem to solve. The new problem:

– Deliver the hinge of the Power Tools club at impact.

It’s a whole new concept. The original concept in the brain of hitting ball with the club is out the window. You need to feel this new concept. As a bonus, since you are not hitting balls with the Power Tools club (at least initially), you further separate yourself from the original (aka wrong) paradigm.

One of the drills I like to do with the Power Tools is similar to a baseball swing and feel like I’m delivering the end of the club at impact. My paradigm has nothing to with hitting a ball, it has to do with trying to ‘unhinge’ at impact. This new problem to solve starts to train the golfer to automatically create lag. As you repeat this enough, you create a new motor pattern and can then move it more towards a golf swinging motion and then eventually a real ball and club with more speed and power due to better mechanics.

Part 2 Release:

This is much simpler, as the Power Tools club creates the learning effect instantly each time you swing it. With one simple drill, you can begin to feel the release and hit longer more solid shots immediately.

In regards to the release of the club, the Power Tools gives you the Differential Learning effect. You have a heightened sense of the release, specifically feeling when the club ‘recoils’. This is powerful because many golfers don’t finish the swing (or have an idea of where the finish is), and with the Power Tools you now have a goal or ‘place to go’. The best drill for this is:

– Hinge
– Unhinge
– Re-HInge

So, take it back, get it to Hinge, then swing thru, it will unHinge, and then after the release, feel the Re-Hinge. I’ve seen it so many times where a golfer gets the rhythm of this drill about 4-5 times and then hits great shots. Sometimes, the best shots, check this video:

And this student has hit some good 5 irons – as he has been playing golf 32 yrs and his best score ever is a 64!

If you’re looking for more lag, more speed or a better release, give the Tour Tempo Power Tools Training Club a try! You just pick it up and swing and get instant results. Then, if you’re willing to work, you can create lasting changes in your swing by utilizing the feedback it provides.

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  1. Tod Marcus says:

    Wow, this looks like a great training tool. Tempo seems to be one of my biggest problems. Too fast and I lose so much power. Too slow and I get speed, but I tend to slice for some reason. I wonder why I slice those shots.

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