DJ Part Deux

Spoiler Alert: I’m going to totally destroy some current beliefs about tempo. In other words, some serious myth busting.

One of the entrenched beliefs when it comes to tempo is the belief that your swing should match your personality. In other words, if you walk slow, talk slow, and you are generally laid back, you should have a slow, syrupy tempo. (BTW, what does slow mean? Even harder to define syrupy, but I digress, I will answer those questions down the road.)

So, according to that theory, Dustin Johnson should have the slowest, smoothest tempo on tour. He couldn’t be more laid back. He walks slow, talks super slow, and makes Freddy Couples look like a Type A… Take a guess at his (DJ’s) tempo??

Yah, not slow. Not even average. It’s fast. Very fast.

He goes WAY past parallel (on a driver) in 21-22 frames. Then back to impact in 8 more frames. So takeaway to impact is 1 second. And did I mention he goes past parallel? The past parallel thing is important because speed is a function of time AND distance. He has the same frame count as Tiger (in his prime) or Rory, but goes farther back than they did/do. So, that makes him faster.

So, can we finally drop the worn out idea that your tempo should match your personality?

It sounds good, but it just doesn’t play out. Tempo is not something you are ‘stuck’ with. You can change it, you can improve it. You can even match DJ’s tempo.

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