Find out how I increased my speed and hit one 411 yards!

Find out how I increased my speed and hit one 411 yards!

Whoa! 411 yard drive? from the 49 year old?


I’ve been training hard and I’m here to tell you that YOU can hit it farther by using some of my drills and my speed ‘tools’.

First of all, remember my ‘Speed/Distance Doctrine’:

– Best way to hit it farther is to hit it in the sweet spot with high launch and low spin - Next best way to hit it farther is to increase club head speed!

When you can do both of the above, you truly get a synergy because more speed allows for higher launch/less spin (that’s what I did in this video)

So, first check out the drill I did just before the 411:

This is a modified Throwoff Drill:

Tour Tempo Training Tools:

– Using Speedball with Power Module Target - 2 Power Whips

The drill:

‘Load’ it to the top of the backswing. Notice I didn’t say ‘take’ it to the top. The #1 mistake I see with amateurs is not ‘loading’ in the backswing.

Then from there, feel the double Power Whips on your lead forearm and get to the position where you are ready to fire. Why 2 Power Whips? I’ve outgrown 1! I need more resistance! The body works on SAID and if you don’t increase the demand, the body will NOT adapt. Plus, the 2 PW’s give you more feel, so that’s a bonus.

At this point, I just rotate and try to ‘throw’ that red tail down the fairway…. it won’t come off and there’s a ton of resistance that I have to overcome (Hello SAID). So, I’m increasing speed…. but what about the pesky little thing called angle of attack? I’m glad you asked. AoA is huge in Long Drive, but important for everyone and when I do this drill, I’m getting the perfect AoA (because there is nothing on the ground to hit DOWN on). Plus, in my mind, my goal is to throw this ‘out’, not hit ‘down’.

With that feel in mind, I walk over and I do this:


Notice how I loaded? Then exploded? It was what my good friend Mr. Norton calls ‘effortless power’ (not powerless effort).

The tempo?


As soon as I trigger the swing (notice the trail leg kick and plant), I let my training take over.


Load and Explode.

The numbers:

411 total 350 carry 128 club 185 ball 1100 spin 16 launch AoA 8 (up)

(it was downwind, about 10-12 mph)

What’s your takeaway?

If a 49 year old that ways less than $1.70 can hit it 411, you too can add some serious yardage to your game. You need the right tools! You need the right drills! You need to load and explode!

Remember the recipe:

– train for speed - train for optimal AoA

Voila! You’re blowing it by your buddies and having some serious fun!

If you want this speed increase sooner rather than later, check out our golf schools, we have 2 openings for our June 15-16 school and a few openings the following week. We take you to the next level and you walk away hitting farther, but more importantly you have the program and the training aids to keep improving!

5 thoughts on “Find out how I increased my speed and hit one 411 yards!

  1. Greg McNeill says:

    Just received the Power Whip last week. Took it to the range Saturday and began with some simple half-swings with a 9 iron. Took about 5 or 6 practice swings between each shot I struck to begin to ingrain the feeling. Eventually worked my way up to full swings with the 9 iron. Results were so-so with the device attached. However, once I took the device off the club, wow! I immediately noticed a difference in contact, ball flight and distance. “Crisp” is the best way I can describe impact. After a few solid strikes, I would start to lose that feeling. So I created a routine- leave the device on one of my irons. Practice-swing the iron with the device about 10 times and then immediately begin hitting other irons. Continue alternating between swinging the iron with the device and hitting shots without it.

    By the end of the session, I had hit some of the best iron shots I can remember. Longer, crisper and with a touch of fade or draw, depending on my set up. The interesting thing is you don’t really feel like it’s training you while you swing the device. At first, I thought it was a waste of time. But even though your swing doesn’t “feel” all that different, the results speak for themselves. And because this isn’t some new tip or method to have to learn, I believe I will be able to take it to the course much more easily. After all, I didn’t change my swing in any way that I have to be conscious of.

    My question is this: is there a significant reason to also have the Power Tool device? Don’t they accomplish the same thing?

    Thanks for a great training aid!

    • John Novosel Jr. says:

      Great comments! As you can see from my video, this is very similar to how I use the product (you put it on a club, I put it on a training aid, but the idea is the same), do practice swings with the PW and the results/feel become ingrained without you having to think about it consciously! Anytime you can learn/improve your swing without the conscious mind, the results will translate quicker/faster/better.

      To your question: The Power Whip and the Power Tools Club basically accomplish the same thing: feeling wrist ‘set’ and release. The PW puts the feel more in the grip/forearms/hands and the Power Tools puts the feel more in the clubhead/shaft. So, bottom line, if you have the PowerWhip and are getting results, you probably don’t need the PowerTools club.

  2. Lawrence Korenman says:

    Hi John
    I have the Power Whip and as all of us want to gain more CHS I was wondering if I needed any of the other tools (Power Ball, target etc., or either of the clubs with the rubber bands? I’ve only had the PW a few weeks. Your thoughts?

    Also, are you right handed or left handed or ambidextrous? you are shown both ways.

    Thanks in advance!

    • John Novosel Jr. says:

      I’m a lefty, however we do flip some of the video’s and occasionally I swing righty for a video (usually just showing positions). I have tried quite a bit RH with the tools and I can hit it decent as a righty….

      Power Whip is a great start, my next choice would be the Speedball with Power Module. That will allow you to have ‘resistance for distance’ and also you can do the throwoff drill that I did in this blog post.

      Hope that helps!

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