GMAC’s tempo

Tour Tempo update:
Just a refresher for those of you new to Tour Tempo: We describe swings in video frames per second.  There are 30 frames per second.  So if the backswing takes 21 frames of video and the downswing takes 7 frames, we would call that 21/7.
The Leaders were very close in score and very close in tempo.
GMAC was a quick 20/7.
Charley Hoffman was even quicker at 19/7.
Webb was 22/7 on the driver and 23/8 on irons.
What you see all these #’s have in common is this:
3:1 ratio of backswing to downswing
Elapsed time from takeaway to impact is less than 1 second.
Also, most tour pro’s are very consistent.
You can guess that amateurs aren’t 3:1, slower than 1 sec and NOT consistent.
So, how can you get this tempo?  Check out the Tour Tempo apps in iTunes and Android Marketplace.  you can ‘listen’ to the tempo of the tour pros…..for more info check

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