Golf Swing Tempo – You and Dustin Johnson

The Difference Between You and Dustin Johnson

I’m going to outline a few differences between you and Dustin Johnson. I’m not doing this to rub it in your face that Dustin has it all and you don’t. I’m doing it to make a point.

Dustin has/is:

– Paulina Gretzky – Wife (ergo Wayne is his Father in Law)
– 320+ yards (you might be able to do this)
– #1 player in the world (not you)
– a win on tour since forever (again not you)
– amazing crazy athletic swing (nope)
– 21/8 golf swing Tempo

I’ve just outlined a half dozen things that Dustin Johnson can do. Do you know on that list what you can copy? When I say you, I mean pretty much everyone out there reading… since you’re still reading, you know the answer:

Golf swing tempo with the TOUR TEMPO App

You can change your GOLF SWING TEMPO! You (most likely) can’t do all that other stuff, but you can TRAIN and CHANGE your tempo for the better! Interestingly, Dustin’s tempo use to be about 26/10. The ratio is still in that 2.6 to 1 range, but it’s much faster now. Tempo is the ONE thing you can change right now. You don’t have to be:

– young
– athletic
– a tour player

You just need to know HOW TO TRAIN to improve your


Just in case you forgot what site upon you are reading, let me hammer it home:



Golf swing tempo of the Tour Pros by using the Tour Tempo App


Get the Tour Tempo golf swing tempo app right now and start training with it and try Dustin’s tempo. (on the app that would be 21/7). I guarantee that if 21/7 feels crazy fast to you, and you train with it and learn to use it (usually takes somewhere between 15 minutes to an hour) you will pick up a minimum of 10 yards RIGHT ON THE SPOT!

And you don’t need all that stuff. You just need the Tour Tempo App and a willingness to work.

Golf Swing Tempo of the Tour Pros

Now over 100,000 golfers worldwide have improved their games by using Tour Tempo. Used by beginners through Major Championship winners on the PGA Tour and validated by an Independent Scientific Study by the Departments of Physics and Biomechanics at Yale University. The Tour Tempo App allows you to learn how to correctly integrate the Golf Swing Tempo of the Tour Pros.

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