Golf Swing Tour Tempo for Adam Scott, Ryo Ishikawa & Tiger Woods

Tour Tempo from the WGC:

Adam Scott: He’s right @ 21/7 and very consistent. It doesn’t look that fast, but his swing is so technically perfect that it looks good. Contrast that with somebody like Ryo Ishikawa who has a little more movement and it makes his tempo look faster…..but he’s actually 21/7 (or just a wee bit faster on some iron shots). So pretty much the same golf swing tempo, but Adam has such perfect movements, it looks smoother.

Tiger update: well, tiger is finally back, but can’t hit a fairway. the problem is not that “he’s hitting it too straight” (his words), the problem is that his tempo is not in sync. Some drives he’s 6 downswing (way too fast), some drives he’s 7. This would be ok if his backswing was 18-21 frames, but he’s more like 22-24 frames, so he’s got too much difference between backswing and downswing and this is really creating inconsistency. I wonder if he’s trying to hit his drives too hard, because his iron tempo is more in the 7 to 8 frame downswing range and he hit some good iron shots. Also, his putting is not as consistent. some putts are perfect 2:1, but some putts are too long of a backswing.

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