Golf Swing Tour Tempo Report from the Barclays

The weeks keep flying by……Tempo update from the Barclays.

Dustin Johnson’s tempo was 23/8 on the driver and 25/9 on the irons.  So, he would fit right in @ 24/8 with great tempo.  He was very consistent in his tempo and this (along with his athleticism) was the key to long and straight shots.

What was cool about that last group was that you couldn’t get a more different swing (compared to DJ) than Matt Kuchar.  His arms are lower than his head at the top, while DJ’s left arm looks like it’s close to the rim (basketball).  What do they have in common?  Tempo!  Kuch’s tempo was….drum roll….the same as DJ’s – 24/8.  His irons were a frame or so faster, but still fall into 24/8.

So, the moral of the story, you can swing the flattest one plane swing (Kuch) or the most upright 2 plane swing (DJ)…I don’t care.  BUT you have to have Tour Tempo as part of the equation.

3 components of TT:

a.  3:1 ratio of backswing to downswing on full shots

b. Elapsed time from takeaway to impact is fast (most tour pro’s get to impact in about 1 second)  DJ and Kuch get to impact in 1.06 sec

c. Consistent in your tempos (this is where Tiger Woods is lightyears away from where he used to be)

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