Houston Open Tempo’s – they’re FAST

DA had the tempo working for his putter! His putt to win was 14/7, a perfect 2:1 ratio of backswing to downswing, which is the ideal tempo for the short game. His full swing was 21/7 on the driver and 21/8 on the irons, so nice and consistent and a 3:1 ratio, which is ideal for full shots.

Henrik Stenson dropped a huge bomb with a 300+ 3 wood on a par 5 and was really fast at 18/7. Jason Kokrak is every bit as long and was nearly as fast at 19/7. Dustin Johnson is another bomber and his tempo is 21/8.

Another 21/7 type of swinger was Billy Horschel, who was 20/7 on his irons. However, Billy did miss a drive way right and his tempo was 23/6. So he got a little slow on his backswing and then way to quick on his downswing. This was Tiger’s old problem.

Want to know what these tempo’s ‘feel’ like? well with the Tour Tempo Total Game app for iphone or android, you can actually listen to each tempo and sync your swing to the rhythm of the tour pro’s. It’s easy to use and understand and the results can be immediate and dramatic. If you want to ‘count your frames’, you can also get the Tour Tempo Frame Counter app, it’s just a few bucks and allows you to figure out your frame count.


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