How Cam picked up 30+ yards in one day!

The Tour Tempo® VIP Students are averaging 25 yards in distance gains in one day. After they leave the school we are seeing gains of 30-40 yards with the training.

You are probably wondering? How do they do it?? (hint: it’s not by just swinging harder)

In this blog, I’m going to detail how Cam (61 yrs. old) gained nearly 8 mph of Ball speed and improved his geometry at impact (aka Launch/Spin) to gain nearly 40 yards.

For a 61 year old, 95/137 for chs/bs is pretty good, however, Cam is still athletic with a pretty good move. Also, the body responds to RESISTANCE. Actually, I could re-word that to say: The body does NOT respond to anything similar or easy or normal. The body likes comfort and won’t do a thing to change without a significant STIMULUS. In the case of practicing golf, if you stand there and hit balls, the body says to itself ‘I got this’ and doesn’t do (and in most cases learn) a thing.

However… if you hit the body with a stimulus like a heavy resistance OR a significant change in feel… the BODY WILL ADAPT. This is also known as SAID.

In Cam’s case, we threw 3 great training tools/drills at him:

SpeedBall® with Power Module, The Power Air® (with Power Whip®) The Lag Man® (with Power Whip®)

The first 2 have some serious resistance and creates more speed. The Lag Man® gives you a new feel so you can really LOAD the system. When you put all 3 of these together you get an incredible increase in speed! The cool part is that this change can happen right before your eyes. It doesn’t take months or even weeks. The body responds to the correct stimulus!!

As a bonus to Cam’s increase in speed we got him to increase his angle of attack (create a positive AoA) and that brought his launch UP, his spin DOWN and created more distance as well. It’s the exact combo that I wrote about when I hit my 411 ball (more speed/better launch).

Cam was so excited on all fronts and his accuracy was still right there. So he gained speed/distance and his accuracy was still as good as ever. This translates to more fun and lower scores. His only problem now is that he needs to take new ‘lines’ off the tees and stop airmailing greens as he’s gained 2 clubs on his irons… I’m sure he can figure that out!

With Luke Wald at the school, we added just a few sequence keys for Cam, the first one being a trigger move, which I love, because it helps golfers swing and respond better to the first tone of Tour Tempo®.

If you want to pick up 25-40 yards, take a hard look at our TTVIP School. We give you everything you need to continue your training and keep improving. You go home with the training tools, the drills, videos, & access to our new VIP Online Video Section. This allows you to train and improve at your convenience.

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