How John Fox picked up 11 yards in about 45 minutes

One of the keys to unlocking speed in the golfer is overcoming ‘gravity’. As a speed coach, sometimes my biggest opponent is what golfers do a lot: sit and look at a computer. Over time, the golfer loses their athleticism to daily life. The golfer forgets that golf is a sport and swinging a golf club is an athletic movement. I wake up their inner athlete and that will always produce an increase in speed. John Fox was one of those golfers who forgot how to move. And then he met me.

As usual, I always start capturing ‘before’ data:

Tempo: 35/9 (4:1 and too slow!)
CHS: 95
BS: 142
Distance: 268 yards

So, not bad, but I think he can do much more when we unleash his inner athlete.

First Drill for John was band movements to wake up the glutes. Then we went to my rotational band series to feel how to rotate.

We were now ready to swing. When he did the Lag Popper, it was very telling. He was all hands and arms. No loading of the body. As he learned to load up, the LP popped louder and faster. From there we went to 1 arm ‘golden’ swings with the LP to open up the Fascial Slings, specifically the Spiral Line and the SFL. John was starting to get in touch with his youth when he played all types of sports.

Next Up, the Tsunami Bar and the Samurai Drill. His first try at this was a little off, he didn’t know how to brace and how to fire from that brace. As he continued he got the hang of it.

Ready for some fuller swings with the SpeedBall. He loved the feeling of resistance and you could see a better tempo! His SpeedBall tempo was 25/9, so pretty much right on! (as we continue to train, I would like to see him 24/8 or faster, but this was day 1, so we will get there). He had a few swings that didn’t stick the target, so once we dialed that in … time for a real ball.

Check out the after:

Tempo: 24/9 (3:1)
CHS: 100 (+5)
BS: 148 (+6)
Distance: 279 yards

John was excited and my favorite thought that he relayed to me: it felt so effortless. The common MISconception is that you have to swing harder (more effort) to create more speed. This needs to be more of the Julius Boros MO, ’swing easy, hit hard’. I’m not saying we should just limp it thru there, the reality is that John was using more muscles/muscle fires/muscle loading, but it shouldn’t feel full of effort. It should be different and should be more athletic, and when you do that (using the TT Speed Tools of course:), then it will be more distance and more fun!

8 thoughts on “How John Fox picked up 11 yards in about 45 minutes

  1. Donald L. Fordham MD says:

    I have been reading information regarding your program. I have a question concerning cause and effect. I am wondering if your research has been able to determine if the 3:1 tempo is the primary cause of what is considered a good swing, such as those on PGA tour, or if a mechanically and technically sound swing simply results in a tour tempo of 3:1? I can imagine that a fundamentally poor swing could still be done to a 3:1 tempo, but that a good fundamental swing would be more difficult to not maintain a consistent tempo. Look forward to learning of your opinion

  2. Michael Calandra says:

    I’ve been struggling making headway with the tour tempo.concept. Prior to purchasing the app I focused on the pause in my backswing to establish tempo. It doesn’t appear to me, given how tempo is calculated (start – top- impact) with the frame counter that the length of the pause matters. Am I mistaken or is the length of the pause at the top of the backswing integral to the tour temp concept?

    • John Novosel Jr. says:

      Thanks for purchasing our app! We typically ‘count’ the pause, so we prefer not to see a pause at the top because it adds too many frames to your backswing.

      That being said, if you hit better with a pause, then by all means use it. We’ve found that pausing for most golfers causes a leak in energy.

      There are no Legends (think Tiger, Nicklaus, Hogan, Snead, Rory, etc…) past or present that ever paused at the top.

      The key is to find what works for you and experiment with a ’Sergio’ move, a tiny pause, a longer pause, or Hideki pause. Use the one that works. We’ve found the ’Sergio’ or tiny pause to work best and fits the Tour Tempo mold.

  3. Ron Klampe says:

    My son is 13 and been playing since 4 years old. Is this program ok for his age? His coach is Christopher Smith form Eugene Country Club and Christopher would like to see Ryan swinging faster and increasing his ball speed.

  4. John Novosel Jr. says:

    Ron – yes, this would be great for him and I know Christopher well! He has the tools so you guys can get on the program. Shoot me an email if you have more questions.

    • Ted Firestone MD says:

      John. Have been a fan of tour tempo for years. Have just been through a challenging five months. Torn rotator cuff and four right shoulder surgeries. I’m an orthopedic surgeon that now has a compromised right shoulder. Can you help me learn how to use my left one better.

      • John Novosel Jr. says:

        Best thing to do is start doing 1 arm swings with Lag Popper and/or Speedball. Send us video of your swing and I’m happy to take a look!

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