How the Brain works…(follow up to Hebron)

Just spoke with a Tour Tempo user and he couldn’t believe his tempo when he used the TT Frame Counter app….He was (gulp) 48/11.  Basically 2 full seconds from takeaway to impact!   When he saw his swing and then did the app, he couldn’t believe how SLOW his swing was.  This FEEDBACK was critical to his brain.  His brain now has a reference point and can have some fun SPEEDING up.

Your brain needs FEEDBACK, it’s key to learning and , ideally, over time it comes from within, meaning that you become aware of things such as your tempo.  Your brain also likes to have fun especially when first learning a new skill.  Tour Tempo provides both of these for you and makes the golf experience fun.

When this user gets his tempo to 30/10, I guaranteed him another 15 yards.  If he gets to 24/8, it’s easily another 15 yards.

Do your brain a favor and get the TT Frame Counter app and then use the Tour Tempo app to learn (and improve)!!

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