How to Set Up Like a Tour Pro and Prevent Lower Back Injury

When I was in Sweden, one of the things that really intrigued me about TPI was the way Greg & Dave showed how you must “set” the pelvis when you address the golf ball.  The pelvis must be able to move and if it cannot you’ll lose power & possibly be on the road to injury.  So, when the DEC issue of Golf Digest came out, I was glad to see some of that info in the article that they wrote.

One of the first things I look for when a golfer sets up is the arch in the lower back.  If you look at a tour pro like Tiger Woods or Anthony Kim, you’ll see a perfectly flat lower back.  If you look at the avg. golfer (and actually it shows up in very athletic individuals), you’ll see an arch.  This arch aka “S Curve” puts the lumbar vertebrae under some serious stress in the golf swing and can lead to injury.  To check yourself you can put a shaft across your back like Dave is doing here:

If you do have the “S” curve, try flattening your lower back by doing a posterior tilt of your pelvis.  If you don’t have much movement, you need to develop the strength & flexibility in those muscles.  This is especially important for golfers with high swing speeds (if you’re a Long Driver and you’re reading this, get this figured out ASAP).  If you’re “posterior pelvis challenged”, I’ll be showing a video exercise of what you can do to create some strength & flexibility in that region.  Just stay tuned…

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