How we added 50 (yes 50) yards to Mason’s drives – Part 1

This is an improvement story you won’t believe. Mason came to us in July for a VIP Golf School with one goal and one goal only: add significant yardage to every club in his bag. He plays professional golf and his CHS/BS had dropped over the last 18 months to about 92 mph csh and 138 bs. He was carrying the ball around 220 and rolling out to 254 on avg.

Mason’s goal is to play on the PGA tour. He knew he couldn’t play on tour with these speeds/distances.  The bare minimum on tour is David Toms (184th on the list) with the following avgs:

CHS – 102

BS – 153

Carry – 254.5

(David Toms is 183rd in carry distance)

So, we had a goal. We had to get Mason to those minimums. Which in case you’re paying attention is one hell of an improvement. He needs to gain. As a side note, Mason has a technically sound golf swing and hits it very solid/straight. Speed/Distance were all we had to worry about which is perfect because that is my forte as an instructor.

Tune in next time to see how we did it…….

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