Improving your Geometry (with Training Aids / slight adjustments) for more distance!

Couple of General Tips to improve Geometry and increase your Distance!

For our purposes, we have 5 keys to ‘ball launch 101’:

  1. Club Speed
  2. Ball Speed
  3. Smash Factor (Ball speed/CHS)
  4. Launch Angle
  5. Spin

For the assumptions of this article, we are going to assume CHS is a constant.  Thus, we need to first look at Ball Speed and Smash Factor.  If you have 100 mph CHS and BS of 140, then your smash is 1.4 and you are leaving 10 mph of ball speed on the table.  This basically means you’re not hitting it totally solid.  So we need to find out how to hit the center of the face, and this will get you more distance!!

This requires you to figure out where you are hitting it now.  Toe?  Heel?  High?  Low?  (Just FYI: worst place for impact is heel and low, for increased distance best place is the sweet spot or even a dimple above the sweet spot)

You can use some impact tape or even a powder that you put on your clubface.  This will give you feedback on where you are hitting the ball.  Also, you can take some lessons for better imapct, but if you want to hit the ‘easy’ button….Get a Speedball!  I know, it’s a shameless plug, but you can learn to dial in your swing with the Speedball and when you stick the target right in the middle, you will dramatically improve impact and thus your SMASH FACTOR.

Next Step is Launch Angle/Spin.  Typically I see amateur LA’s in the 9-12 range and it’s really just too low.  How do you improve LA?  or rather, how can you launch it higher?   I like to first look at Angle of Attack, or AoA.  Again, I find with amateurs that AoA is usually flat to negative.  We need to get this to POSITIVE.  Ideally, 2-5 degrees.  A positive AoA is a double whammy of goodness:

  1. It increases LA.
  2. It lowers spin.

You want the easy way to improve LA/Spin?  If you’re good, you can move the ball up in your stance, tee it up higher and boom baby, better launch!  You need to be good….real good to do this.

Another way is to….yes, you guessed it, Speedball.  In this particular  case, you need to move up to the Driver Speedball Club and use the Power Module Target with the Long Resistance Tail:

  1. Play target off your Lead Toe (move up in stance)
  2. Angle Target 10-20 degrees inside out
  3. When you swing, focus on Hitting the target above the equator and turning thru on your chi line (see pick of Jamie)

If you can do 5 of these in a row, I guarantee that improved AoA!!!  Not to mention the resistance at impact that you’ll be working thru!!!  This helps lead to our INCREASED CHS!!!




One thought on “Improving your Geometry (with Training Aids / slight adjustments) for more distance!

  1. Gaudencio says:

    I really like your method of instruction and your guide for older and higher handicapper. I am interested in increasing my geometry as you said before I hang up my club since I am quite old 89 yrs. old,5’2″ and 25 HCP on the red tee. Maybe I could get the ball speed you recommended in the article.I live in a small town in Florida. There is no way I could go to Orlando or Tampa to get my numbers in Flightscope. Thank you.

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