Jamie’s Tempo: He’s FAST!

What you can learn from his backswing:

Hopefully you saw Jamie Sadlowski hitting the golf ball over 400 yards at the REMAX WLDC. If so, you probably noticed he has an amazing swing and that he’s FAST: both in his CHS (143-148 mph) and his Tempo. His tempo is 21/6, which is lightning with that length of backswing. There is so much to be learned from this swing. Jamie fits my model for length of backswing.

You can take it back as far as you want as long as you: maintain balance, swing to Tour Tempo, increase X-Factor and create X-Factor Stretch, maintain width & create more lag. Jamie does all of these things because he is a superb athlete with great technique & flexibility.

So, if you to take it past parallel, you better be able to meet those requirements. If you can’t, then you need to stop your backswing when you lose one of these keys. That is why so many of you email me saying that you hit your “L” drill swing as far as your normal swing. That’s because as you go past the L, you start to lose width or tempo or x factor or balance or lag, and you actually lose speed.

BUT…with the L you maintain and hit the ball solidly. So, learn from Jamie: find your proper length of backswing and swing it FAST!

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