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We receive emails everyday, usually of 2 variety’s. The first type goes something like this: “I read Tour Tempo and later that day played the round of my life” or something like that. They are always amazing and typically the user adds that life is so much simpler after Tour Tempo.
The second type are questions from you, the reader. Here are a few Q & A’s that I’ve received lately.

Q: If I go from 24/8 to 21/7, will that be better? will I hit the ball farther?

A: Maybe. Typically if you go from 30/10 to 21/7, I will guarantee more distance. But, going from 24/8 to 21/7 is a maybe. One thing is for sure, if you hit it just as solid at 21/7, it won’t be shorter.

Q: What is the best tempo for me? How do I determine which tones I should use?

A: The best way to determine the tones that will work for you is Trial and Error. If possible, use our Tour Tempo Frame Counter App and determine your current tempo. That can give you a starting point. From there, you need to try the 2 or 3 tempo’s that are ‘near’ your current tempo. If possible, do it with a launch monitor like a Flightscope so you can track your speeds, smash factor and dispersion. If you don’t have a launch monitor, simply aim at a target and you should be able to feel that one tempo stands out as producing the best shots. Bottom Line: use what works best for you.

Q: 1. Should I just stay with drills at the 24/8 tempo or should I try slower or faster tempos as well? Note that I have not yet tried hitting balls with the tones.

2. I primarily bought your program with the hope that it would help to fix my ‘hit’ impulse. My practice swing is beautiful or so my instructors and partners tell me (it feels good too). But put a ball in front of me and all too often, it comes apart. I speed up my swing in a rush to hit the ball, throwing it out of sync and producing inconsistent impact. Can your program realistically help me with this? Unfortunately, my instructors have treated what I believe are the symptoms of my ‘disease’ and not the root cause. What are your thoughts?

A: 1. definitely experiment with the other tempo’s…..I don’t Rx this for everyone, but you might also try 20/10 or 18/9 due to your unique situation.

2. we’ve helped all types of golfers, especially those with hit impulse. While I can’t guarantee 100% that we can save you, I can guarantee this:

part of the hit impulse is that you are trying to get to impact as fast as possible. you don’t have a feel or understanding that the downswing is not meant to go as fast as possible, the tones give you that. They give you the feel that there is a certain time and place for your club to be at impact and you are rushing to it. if you focus on all 3 tones, you’ll start to realize that you don’t have to rush and this will really help your hit impulse. Another cause of the hit impulse is described in great detail by Fred Shoemaker in ‘Extraordinary Golf’ In his great book, he details what happens to the average golfer. The avg golfer takes the club back, then loses focus, and then as he gets to the top of the swing, he regains focus on the ball and immediately thinks ‘HIT’. This loss of focus causes the hit impulse. The tones of Tour Tempo don’t let you lose focus, because you have to be fully aware to do them at all. By staying 100% present during the swing (thanks to Tour Tempo), the hit impulse is mitigated.

Finally, one more thing I’d suggest is the Y and L drills and seeing if you can stop after impact. If you’re rushing it, you’ll have a hard time stopping.

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