To Lift or Not to Lift?


We’re talking the Left Heel (for a RH golfer). Got a reader who wrote in:

“John Jr., I noticed in your long drive baskswing that you lift your lead heel. Should I lift my lead heel and if so, why?”

Great Question! Here is my Clif’s note’s answer:

For men: They should ABSOLUTELY lift the left heel. This will do many things but main 2:

1. Add power
2. Take stress off of the back (esp. the lumbar spine)

For women: It’s not as clear cut because women are so much more flexible than men. If the female golfer wanted more power, then I would encourage her to learn to lift the left heel. If she is already powerful, has no back pain, and is a pretty good golfer, then I would say this:

DON’T TRY OR NOT TRY TO LIFT THE LEFT HEEL. Let the heel do what it wants and that will be ‘natural’ for that women’s swing.





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