“No one ever swing a golf club too slowly” or maybe not

“No one ever swung a golf club too slowly” wrote the great Bobby Jones….unfortunately, he was wrong.

Take a look at these swings (hint, one of them is the current #1 player in the world and pound for pound one of the longest hitters to ever play)

Tell me which swing is slow.  (hint #2, it’s NOT the world #1)

“You can observe a lot by just watching”  Yogi Berra

So, according to Yogi, we can see that the amateur is still at the top of his swing WHILE Rory is DONE swinging.  Conclusion: The amateur is swinging the club too slowly!

“Remember: it is impossible to evaluate or even understand anything you cannot measure” Arthur Jones

Question #1: how do measure this difference?

Question #2: once we measure it, how can we ‘translate’ it?  In other words, how can we get the amateur to improve?

And not in the next year, or next month, but IMMEDIATELY?

The answer, of course, is…..TOUR TEMPO!

Tune in next week to see how we did it…….

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