Peacock Gap Re-Cap

I’ve recently just returned from doing another home run golf school with Lucas Wald. Paul Gorman (NorCal PGA Teacher of the Year) from the Peacock Gap GC had us out and we had 5 guys in the school. They were a phenomenal bunch and had improvements in speed & sequence across the board. I’m going to take a look at 2 of the guys and the impressive gains they made.

Tyler is our first contestant. He is in his 30’s and in good shape (former hockey player) I normally don’t ‘judge’ speed in golfers, but for as good as an athlete as this guy is, his speeds were fairly low. Before:

chs: 100
bs: upper 140’s
launch and spin: not great
carry: 220’s

I love getting an athlete like this because there is so much upside. Luke and I don’t worry about swing plane and a lot of other ‘non-essentials’ if the golfer is not athletic. So, our first goal was to get him athletic by using the tools to get more turn and a little more angle between left forearm and shaft.

You can really see in this before/after comparison the difference in the loading of the backswing. He’s got more rotation, more load of the right hip and the shaft is almost past parallel. All of these add up to more speed.

Tyler really had it going in the studio with the SpeedBall Driver and Power Module and got his speed to a whopping 119 mph! As we hit later it took him awhile to transfer it to a ball but when he did, check these numbers:

Club: 103
ball: 156
perfect Launch & Spin

Carry: 270 yards!!

He improved his carry by around 45 yards!!

This was his best driver but his others had similar speeds and carried on avg. around 255-260, so over 30 yards of carry improvement!!

The other cool thing for Tyler is that it will only get better as he now has the tools and the program for improvement. We give every golfer their training program and the training aids to take home and start their journey to more speed and better sequence!

Contestant #2: Glen

Glen is also younger (in his 30’s) and has a good swing but wasn’t being athletic as well.
Glen’s opening numbers were very similar to Tyler’s:

chs: 100
bs: 146
launch and spin: ok
carry: 215-220

Glen’s tempo was slow on the backswing so we worked on that. As a general rule a slower tempo is a non-athletic tempo. If you think of some of the legendary swings of past and present you think of the athleticism in the swing and they all have a faster paced tempo:

Young Jack Nicklaus
Arnold Palmer
Sam Snead
Rory McIlroy
Tiger Woods
Dustin Johnson
Brooks Koepka

Physically we really worked on abduction (separation) of the knees on the downswing (think squat move). To do this you have to fire your glute med and we did some exercises in the gym to ‘wake’ up Glen’s glutes.

chs: 108 (+8)
bs: 153 (+7)
launch and spin: similar
Carry: 240 (+20)

The other key for Glenn was letting go with the speedball. We take the governor off the system and swing freely BUT we add resistance at impact so the body knows that something is coming and the body needs to be ready for the collision!

The net result was better tempo, more athleticism and 20 yards of carry! in one day!

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