PGA Championship Lesson Learned About Golf Swing Tempo

PGA Championship Lesson Learned About Golf Swing Tempo

Interesting lesson to be learned from the PGA Championship.  Everyone has always thought that if you are kind of slow moving/laid back, you will have syrupy, slow tempo.  Conversely, if you are type A and upbeat, you will have an upbeat tempo…….BUT

Laid back, ‘one step above a coma’ (David Feherty’s words) describe Jason Dufner….His tempo?  Probably the fastest on tour with a backswing of only 16-18 frames.  He swings @ 18/6.  That is super fast.  Just listen to it.  You can barely blink and Jason Dufner hits a shot in that time frame.

Upbeat, excitable Keegan Bradley…..his tempo?  Fairly slow @ 24/8.   This is a little more doable…..

The beauty of Tour Tempo is that it doesn’t matter your swing style OR YOUR PERSONALITY, or if you’re tall or short or just about anything else.  It doesn’t change from day to day.  The tones are always the same.  When you use them you get back in sync with the rhythm of the pros and you hit better shots period.

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