Pick Your Tempo – HSBC WGC Tempo Report

I feel a sense of ‘rebirth’ as the time has changed and my DirecTV now gives me 30 fps. So, every Monday morning, I’ll be posting a tempo report from the previous week’s event. I’ll also add some commentary as I see fit. Here is the first one:

Pick Your Tempo

We had every full swing tempo on display at the HSBC WGC from 18/6 up to 27/9.

Ian Poulter is 21/7 on full swings.

Jason Dufner is super quick at 18/6.

Scott Piercy is relatively slow at 27/9 (also not coincidentally, he has the least amount of lag, which slows the downswing, hence the 9 frames)

Ernie Els is 24/9 (again, not as much lag as the other players, so longer downswing)

Phil Mickelson is around 23/8 and also 22/7 (depends on length of backswing as he can get very long)

Oosthuizen is 24/8 and of all the players, he has the most perfect ‘set’ at the top. What I mean by this is that when I’m counting the frames, his club at the top becomes totally crystal clear (no blur) and there is a great set of the wrists. When he is setting it well, he has one of the most efficient, powerful swings in the game.

Lee Westwood on Sunday was a little inconsistent at 24/8 and 24/7 and some at almost 6 down. He would do well to make sure to NOT slow down the backswing and NOT rush the downswing.

They are all very consistent, have a 3:1 ratio between backswing and downswing, and even the 27/9 is still only 1.2 seconds from takeaway to impact (18/6 is .8 seconds from takeaway to impact). Whereas the avg. golfer is NOT consistent, has a ratio typically of 3.5 to 1 or more, and takes 1.3 seconds or more.

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