The secret behind the Power Tools® System is that as soon as you pick it up and swing it, you’ll learn how to use the one mechanical motion that has been consistent since the beginning of golf over 600 years ago! The pros use this Power Angle to generate incredible club head speed and consistency in their golf games. However, until now, most golfers  haven’t been able to make use of this magic move that every pro golfer uses!

The problem before was that you couldn’t learn how to use the Power Angle by watching a DVD or by reading about it. To learn it and be able to repeat it, it must be constantly experienced and ‘felt.’ To get this feeling with the Power Tools® Driver, you just pick it up and swing it, and every time you swing it, you reinforce the ‘Feel’ of this magic move that the tour pros use so effectively.

And there is nothing that gives you this feel quicker and better than the Power Tools® training clubs.