Protect Your Back 101 by Dr. Rob Jones


by John Novosel Jr.

If you’ve ever had back problems this book is for you. If you work out, this book is for you. So, let me re-cap: If you’ve had back problems and/or workout, this book is a MUST read. Why?

Well, there is a lot of misinformation on back pain and even more misinformation on training, especially training the core. The current paradigm is that if we workout (the core), then that will protect our back… I say: ‘au contraire mon frere’.

Why you ask?

Because, there are some rules the body adheres to. Rules that can’t be broken. These rules are similar to gravity. There’s no debate: if you throw a rock up it will come down. Nothing can stop that. When you break these rules, the body breaks down and injury and dysfunction occur. These rules aren’t randomly selected. They are based on real hard science from the leading experts in the world. Here’s the problem, an epidemic of improper application of exercise is being taught and practiced in the fitness industry and training world. In many cases what you are reading and what you are being taught is flat out WRONG! And it doesn’t make a difference if you have a certified personal trainer helping you. Many trainers are up to date with the science but unfortunately, many are not. So, you’re either working out and potentially hurting your back, or you’re paying someone to hurt your back! Which leads to my story.

I’ve been a golfer all my life and I was into the fitness thing at an early age. I’ve always tried to stretch, workout, do cardio, you know all the standard stuff. And I always had lower back problems, which I could never figure out, because I was in shape and worked out. I’ve been in the golf business in so many different ways. I do commercials and invent training aids and work on books and teach golfers and have many certifications. I’ve even competed in long drive, reaching distances of over 400 yards! I worked extensively on my swing and fitness and in 2006 I started to compete with swing speeds of 135 plus miles per hour and ball speeds over 195 miles per hour. Our first child wasn’t born yet, so I really poured everything into it. By the end of that year, I had herniated a disc in my lower back and had unbearable sciatic pain. I tried all the holistic ways to heal my injury, but nothing worked. I eventually had to get steroid injections. Thankfully they worked. But I was left wondering, ‘is this going to happen to me again’?

Enter Dr. Rob Jones. For my rehab, I went to see Dr. Rob Jones. He’s a local chiropractor in my town.

I won’t lie, I was skeptical at first. How is he going to prevent this awful pain from returning? One of the first things you see with Dr. Rob is that this guy is strong! Not that that really matters, but it tells you that he practices what he preaches. He put me at ease with his knowledge of the body and his many years of clinical experience with my type of injury. He took the time to educate me on how these injuries occur and what we will do to ensure it doesn’t return. He formulated a program and exercises specific to my injury and then he explained to me how to take care of my back. What was most shocking to me was the fact that he wanted me to continue working out but he had specific things that I should NOT do!

It was one of those moments when you feel like someone had punched you in the chest. I had been breaking all the rules. I was doing it all wrong and this led to all of my back problems! The even more shocking part was I was doing the exercises that the ‘industry’ considered the best to develop my core for performance in my chosen sport! I was doing what I thought and had been taught were all the right things. But unfortunately for me and my discs, I wasn’t because the current paradigm was completely wrong!

But why did I trust Dr. Rob? How did I know that he had found the way? After a few sessions I got better, so that was huge, because to me, results are KING. But another reason was story after story that Dr. Rob told me and they went something like this: A patient walks into Dr. Rob’s office and says “my lower back hurts” so Dr. Rob does the usually poking and prodding and examining, and then asks the question that has really started him down this path to understanding the body and the back: “what were you doing that caused this injury?” On many occasions, the answer he got was: “my back has been hurting as of late so I got online, went to my trainer, did yoga, did Pilates etc. because I needed to get my core stronger to x my back”. The common trend seemed to be the same for many of these back-pain patients, the wrong exercises actually causing and/or perpetuating their back problems! There are a few variables but it always boiled down to moving the lumbar spine during the workout and/or putting the lumbar spine under a heavy load with lots of repetition (like a crunch or a sit-up). And if it wasn’t from exercise, the patient might tell Dr. Rob about the way they sit (too much flexion/slumping or for too long) or doing yard work, or household chores such as laundry or twisting quickly to catch a falling child. The pattern was quite obvious.

Dr. Rob showed me that I was no different than all his other back-pain sufferers, we all tended to fall into very similar categories, improper movement creating strain on the lower back. Dr. Rob got me through my injury, changed my training, my movement and the health of my body and I know he can do it for you. I have gone the past 11 years with NO back pain. Dr. Rob educated me so I know what to do and what not to do. The principles he taught me are all laid out in this book. I do Dr. Rob’s exercises every day and I do most of Dr. Rob’s core exercises to keep my back healthy and to ensure I’m staying in top form. What’s most amazing to me is my back does NOT hurt after I play golf or after a workout or even from doing yardwork and all three used to create hours and days worth of pain for me. I owe that all to Dr. Rob Jones. You too can learn the ways of the lumbar spine and become a back Jedi Knight like me. Trust me it will change your life, it did for me and you will thank Dr. Rob for it.

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