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So if my tempo (swing speed @ 24/8) is the same as some pro’s, that would suggest our club head speed and ergo our ball speed should be the same. Clearly not the case.. My ball speed is around 150 theirs is 175 or more. What gives with that?


You are using your brain, which is a good thing, and it seems that if 2 objects travel the same distance in the same amount of time they would have the same speed.


This is not a race to the finish line (impact). This is more of a test to see what speed you have when you cross the finish line. Picture 2 race cars starting a race at the same time. Car A gets up to 100 mph quickly and stays there then by the time it crosses the finish line it drops to 95. On the other hand, car B starts slower then gradually picks up speed and when it crosses the finish line is over 110 mph. Both cars get there at the same time, but car B had a burst of speed at impact.

(I’m talking clubhead speed here, ball speed is a measure of energy transfer and that is where the pro’s really have a difference. They transfer all of the energy from the club to the ball, hence the avg smash factor on tour is 1.48 and above, while avg. golfers are usually 1.44 and below.)

Hope that helps,

John Novosel Jr.

John Novosel Jr. has worked and consulted with golfers of all abilities – including Major Winners on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour Players, Nationwide Tour Players, and also top amateurs through beginners.

His teaching puts an emphasis on the golfer achieving a consistent Tour Tempo® and maximizing clubhead speed at impact. To achieve this he utilizes his extensive experience with the Tour Tempo® training tools and optimal biomechanics.

He has worked with his father to develop the concepts of Tour Tempo® and also has co-patented 4 training tools with his father.

At age 49 and despite being under 170 pounds, he can generate clubhead speeds over 130 mph and ball speeds of 190 mph. He has competed in World Long Drive events, his longest drive in competition is 402 yards.

He has presented the concepts of Tour Tempo® all over the world. In 2008 he presented to the PGA of Sweden. Later that year he presented at the World Golf Fitness Summit. In 2011, he made the trip to Amsterdam where he was part of the PGA of Holland’s coaching summit. He most recently made the trip to Orlando, FL to present at the 2013 PGA of America Teaching & Coaching Summit.

He is certified with the Titleist Performance Institute as a Golf Fitness Instructor I, Golf Professional 2, and Golf Biomechanist 2. Also, he is certified with SSC Golf Swing as Level 1 Speed and Power Instructor and Level 2 Spine Engine Instructor.

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