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The main question we get is how to do I choose my tempo?  Here is an answer I recently gave to one of our users:
Best way to choose tempo is from results.  Best way to track results are 2 things:
1. your score
2. a ball launch monitor (like Flightscope or Trackman)
So, to find your best tempo you need to experiment and typically you will come down to 2 tempo’s.  I don’t think comfort level is the best way to do it because we are all comfortable with where we are, but we need to get somewhere (improvement).
Thus, for you I think you’ll come down to 24/8 and 21/7.  (and as you use the tones more and more, 24/8 will be more comfortable and possibly 21/7 as well)
Probably 90% of the PGA tour is 24/8 or faster and with your handicap that’s where I suspect you will be.
All that being said if 27/9 produces the best score, you have to go with that.
To practice tempo I made a discovery after talking to a motor learning expert at a recent conference.
Make 3 swings:
1. Practice Swing with the tones
2. Normal shot with the tones
3. Normal shot with NO tones
I could get into the science of it, but that’s a full dissertation…..however I will get more into this practice routine in a future blog

3 thoughts on “Questions from Readers Like You

  1. bw007 says:

    I bought the app yesterday morning and used it yesterday night on the practice range. I hit 220 balls…I loved it ! Your app is really great. Amazing. Thank you ! One question: I have a slight tendency to overswing the long clubs (driver, 3 wodd and hybrid but not the irons) but I am in the tempo (21/7). I was pretty straight yesterday with solid ball contact and I was at least much better than working without the app. Is it still an issue to overswing a bit ?

    • tourtempo says:

      @bw007 Thank you very much for getting the app and glad to hear your comments! As long as your tempo is dialed in and you’re somewhat balanced, then you can go past parallel. It’s not an issue for Angel Cabrera, Bubba Watson, young Tom Watson, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead and the list goes on.

  2. MIgolfer says:

    Dear John,
    I have not written to you since Feb 27, when you replied to my question. I want to thank you for the Tour Tempo Tones product. I took your advice and tried the fast tempos, but they are too quick at this time for me. I went back to the original 27/9 tempo because I am retuning my swing. After looking at my own video and having it analyzed by a PGA professional, he suggested some changes. But, I tried to make the changes with the 24/8 tempo and the swing fell back to the old problem swing. Eventhough, I played at a 0.7 handicap index last season, I wanted to get much better hence the changes. Now, while ingraining the new swing, I used the  27/9 tempo on full shots and 18/9 on the short shots at the range when I felt ready to make full swings. It helped significantly to relax me and keep a smooth rhythm in the swing. It kept my backswing smooth, allowed me time to set the club and start down without rushing to hit the ball. My ball striking consistency has improved significantly. Two Fridays ago, I took my game to the course and scored a 37 on a par 36 (3300 yds). My short game was really humming but the driver was off and I had to make several recovery shots. Still one over is good for the first nine of the season. So I went back to the range this past week and again used your Tour Tempo to help get me ingrain the specific swing changes. I noticed that I was able to better feel the swing, because I did not have to guess at the tempo. The timing was there in my ears. Well, to get to the real point. I played a full round today for the first time. 18 holes of golf at a course I had in the past averaged 82. But today with your Tour Tempo Tone on my iPod playing along side me, I shot a phenomenal 72 on the par 72 (7100 yds.). The best round ever for me at that course. And it was my first time out on this coure for this season. So again, thank you for your Tour Tempo Tones. I may try to increase the tempo later this season after the swing changes become more natural and ingrained. I did not get great the distance off the driver, but the majority were in the fairway and the remainder were just off a few yards. Those misses were due to confusion about targets that threw my tempo off. 95% of my iron and hybrid shots were crisp and true. I had only 22 putts. Again I used your Tour Tempo Tones with every shot. I hope to continue to improve and will be using your Tour Tempo Tones far into the future. Sincere thanks, MIgolfer

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