Reader Q&A – Stay Away from Golf Balls!! aka The Talent Code

We get a number of inquiries each week and this post answers the question: how should I start my beginning daughter?

Here is my answer:

For your daughter, the main thing I would recommend is to STAY AWAY FROM GOLF BALLS.  The ball is really what destroys athleticism, speed & power in beginners.  My daughter is 8 and is very athletic doing gymnastics/karate and has an amazing golf swing.  However, if I have her hit balls, her swing quickly deteriorates.  The reason for this is that the beginning golfer (or really all golfers) start trying TO HIT A BALL.  And when the brain just tries to hit a ball, bad things happen.

The solution?  Build the skill/movement first, then later hit balls.
There is a great book called ‘The Talent Code’ by Daniel Coyle, get more info here
He describes a Tennis Academy in a small town in Russia that put out more Top 20 players in the late 90’s than the USA.  The juniors there had to do slow motion/motion training for 3 months before they ever hit a ball.  They had to practice for 2-3 years before they ever played a match.
Why?  This allows the brain/body to lock the athletic motion in.  Once that is locked in, it will use the proper technique when confronted with a challenge (i.e. the ball).  Without that training, the brain/body will just do whatever it can to hit the ball and as Ben Hogan quipped, all natural tendencies are wrong in golf.
So, do Y drills and L drills WITHOUT the ball.  Do them in slow motion if you have to.  Once the motion is correct, then bring in tour tempo.  From there, bring in the ball.  I guarantee better results and less frustration!!
Shameless plug: The Tour Tempo Speedball/Power Module is a great way to transition into a golf ball.  It provides great resistance for speed/power AND at the same time you can’t miss it, so there is positive feedback.  I highly recommend it for beginners!!

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