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Question: I’ve been using the tour tempo app at 27/9 tones. This seems to fit my natural “slow” swing. I would like to increase distance. Given comparable contact, would swinging at 24/8 or 21/7 increase distance? Intuitively, it seems like it would. But, I wonder if your experience with people attempting a faster tempo bears this out. Thanks.

My Answer:

6 times out of 10 if you go from 27/9 to 24/8, you will increase speed (and thus distance if you hit it solid)

9 times out of 10 if you go from 27/9 to 21/7, you will increase speed (and thus distance if you hit it solid)

To get that distance, you need a solid impact, however, speed is always the first goal (you can learn to hit it solid with the faster tempo) The key here is that you have to match that downswing number. If you go 21/9, you might not get the speed.

Luckily for you, 27/9 (and slower) swingers get the most/easiest/fastest bump in speed by going faster. If you’re already 24/8 or 21/7, you don’t necessarily get more speed by swinging at a faster tempo. So, 27/9 seems to be a threshold mark. Also interesting is that going to 18/6 doesn’t necessarily help anyone as it’s so fast that most of us can’t get all the muscles fired in time to develop that speed.

One suggestion: When you first start this training, try doing it on a Launch Monitor and not worrying about the ball in the beginning. So, just see if it increases your speed. If you do see a bump in chs, then you have the confidence that you’re doing it. You just need to get comfortable with that tempo/speed and you’ll start hitting the ball out of the center of the face for a big increase in distance!

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  1. Brian Cheyne says:

    Hi John, my fifteen your old son has a pretty good swing hits and hits the ball a reasonable distance. Whilst his back swing is 0.75 seconds or 24fps his down swing is 0.33 seconds or 11 fps.
    His back swing speed is very consistent, but his downswing speed is simply to slow to achieve 3:1 ratio. He is fit and strong for his age, works out daily and so do we wait for him to fill out more and develop more speed or try to slow down his backswing which is a very consistent 0.75 seconds?
    His swing speed for 7 iron is 84-86 mph and hits his driver and average of 245
    I found the book fascinating and a completely new way of looking at how to develop a consistent golf swing and. The book and tones has helped me at the much slower speed of 27/9. But being 57, I am happy with my lot.

    • John Novosel Jr. says:

      As a general rule, we try not to slow down backswings that are 24 frames or slower. I’d have to see his swing to make a better suggestion on the downswing, but my guess is that he has a high MOI and that is what is slowing down the downswing. If you have a video of him, send us the link or email us the video at and we can take a look.

      • Brian Cheyne says:

        Hi John, many thanks that makes complete sense. I was wary of getting him to slow down as he also uses a Zepp which shows improvement scores of back swing slower. This did not make sense as his back swing looked controlled and was in line with 24/8. Working on speeding up his down swing felt right, so thanks for confirming. We will continue to use 24/8 and see if he can speed up but still control. He is certainly not a short hitter of the ball.
        I will record his swing at the weekend and email it to you.
        The work undertaken to highlight importance of tempo and that all great players have a 3:1 ratio irrespective of speed whether 0.93s or 1.2s is an eye opener.
        Thanks for taking the time to come back to me it very much appreciated.

        Warm regards


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